Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bachelor day-Grilled Pork served over Wild Greens


I should have realized when Neeta asked me if I found that salad "in the park", that the idea of wild arugula wasn't going to fly with her. Later that day, she complained that she could taste them every time she burped, a sure sign that her Guyanese stomach wasn't built for that kind of alien substance. So, I was left with half a bag of arugula to dispose of. Luckily, owing to the fact that I stuffed myself today with too many of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made Saturday morning, I wasn't that hungry for dinner tonight. The idea of a piece of pork over some greens sounded pretty good to me. Normally, I would go for pork with rice or potatoes but my earlier gluttonous behavior ruled out eating starch. I pictured a nice grilled chop over greens with fruit. Looking in the fridge, I found the bag of blood oranges I had which I thought would make an appealing picture for my readers, so with these three ingredients, arugula, blood oranges and pork, I set out to create something. I squeezed one orange into a bowl and loved the deep red color of it. Next, I added a little white vinegar to pump up the acidity. Some red pepper flakes, garlic and dried oregano suggested Sicily to me, and of course, extra virgin olive oil to complete the marinade. An hour later, I started things rolling.

Pull it out of the marinade, and place it in the preheated grill pan. About 3 1/2 minutes on each side should do it. Meanwhile, the greens get half an orange cut into sections, some tomatoes, garlic powder, oregano, Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar (Yeah, more orange!) and olive oil. It all makes a pretty picture.