Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Haloween/Trader Joe's Southern mixed greens variations

Those two cuties are my grand kids who mostly eat a raw vegetable diet mixed with Chicken McNuggets. Rather frustrating for Grandpa who would like to be remembered one day for his cooking, but I've been told to be patient. I hope they will one day graduate from butter to tomato sauce on their pasta or enjoy a meal like the following, a product of my searches in the remarkable Trader Joe's. While I still prefer other sources for fresh produce, TJ's is continuing to surprise me with its interesting selections like this packaged "Southern Greens Blend" consisting of mustard, turnip, collards, and spinach greens.In the picture below, you see another variation of my greens and beans recipe for pasta.

In this variation, I cooked the greens with garlic, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and white kidney beans and then added the pasta to the mix in the manner you've seen here ad nauseum. I finished the dish with grated parmiagiano and slivered toasted almonds.

In another variation, I've cooked these greens as above only this time with garlic,hot pepper flakes, raisins, olives and capers -Southern greens with a Southern Italian approach!

I have also tried the greens with pancetta (You could use bacon too) in a more American variation. I served them with barbecued baked beans.

Three different variations of these remarkably versatile greens, none of which the granddaughters in question will touch with a ten foot pole. I hope their palates grow more sophisticated while I still have the pleasure of seeing them enjoy my food. Otherwise, there will always be the blog. Friends, teach your children to eat at the dinner table whatever you eat. It requires patience and steadfastness. You will be faced with the fear they will starve to death, but take it from me. No kid ever starved themselves with food in front of them!


  1. We like Trader Joe's too. They have nice coffee. I haven't looked at the produce too much, because we are still getting our CSA. I will have to take a peek next time.
    I completely agree with you on your philosophy of feeding children. We encouraged our children to eat what we made for dinner because we didn't have time to be short order cooks. They both eat pretty well. That's not to say that Ian doesn't LOVE a happy meal! I'm still working on getting him to eat squash and sweet potatoes! I also have learned to step back a little bit because we all have foods that we love and foods that we are not crazy about. Your granddaughter are adorable!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful Granddaughters! It's so true what you say about teaching them to eat what you're eating at the dinner table, I have one very fussy granddaughter who eats similar to yours an another one who loves risotto and brie cheese and anything else we put in front of her, it's such a joy to see her eat a variety of food! Don't give up, bribery sometimes works! lol