Friday, March 6, 2009

The musings of an every day cook

It's Friday. I do all my shopping on Monday for my Catholic clients and nothing my fish person showed me excited me to cook it. (BTW, it's lent. Catholics can't eat meat on Friday's during lent). I always have frozen, raw shrimp in the freezer. It's a great addition because you can get brunch, lunch, antipasti and meals out of it and it's nothing to thaw and cook. My purveyor (Stop and Shop) sells jumbo shrimp with split shells making them easy to peel but offering protection to the frozen meat as well. I just did potatoes yesterday, so I decided for tonight on shrimp with diced eggplant over spinach fettuccine. I have some nice looking red tomatoes and a beautiful eggplant that just looked perfect when I saw it. .Maybe I'll chop up two of the tomatoes and add them at the last moment. An off the heat addition of parsley and extra virgin and Pow! I'll serve it with a green salad and make up some antipasti when I get there.

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