Monday, March 2, 2009

Today's Tip

I'm excited to go to work today. Saturday, I made Broccolirabe for lunch for my wife and I. She doesn't like it because it's bitter, and not eating meat, can't eat it with sausage the way I love it. So, I cooked it with other textures and attempted to contrast the bitterness with garlic and other "softeners" or "contrasts" of the bitterness. First, I blanched it in a pot of boiling water and diced potatoes (you blanch the Broccolirabe after letting the potatoes get a little done -about 5 min?), then added both to a pan I had begun with extra virgin olive oil (I always cook with it) garlic, red pepper flakes and julienne sun-dried tomato pieces (packed in oil). You have to let all that stuff form into a sauce adding a spoonful of beans for each of your eaters.I think I'm going to do it at work with a little bit of Farfalle in it in place of the beans. Off the heat,drizzle it with your best olive oil , a few more red pepper flakes and a grinding of peccorino romano. Oh yeah, baby!

Yes, my wife ate it and thought it was good. It still tastes like broccolirabe though. Try it if you love broccolirabe.


  1. What? You're mixing potatoes and pasta? That isn't very Italian,is it?

  2. Good question! The addition of pasta to the dish does seem counter intuitive doesn't it? But this isn't a pasta dish with potatoes. Rather, it is a broccolirabe and beans dish with potato and pasta. The twin starches of potato and farfalle (bow-tie pasta) are a second note. In every serving you might expect to get 4 or 5 pieces of pasta. Try it, you might be surprised!